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Detect & Destroy Lice with Robi Comb
The Non-Toxic and Pesticide Free
Medically Proven Lice Treatment
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and REUSABLE 100's of TIMES!

LiceGuard's patented Robi Comb Detects and Destroys Lice on contact! Simply comb through dry hair. When the electronic Robi Comb contacts lice, they get zapped and die.

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Melissa Foss of FitPregnancy gives TODAY's Natalie Morales her top picks for organic, eco-friendly kid and baby products, including diaper ointment and the Robi Comb.

Buy a Robi Comb today and get rid of lice Fast!

  • Detects Lice - Just comb through dry hair
  • Destroys Lice on Contact
  • No Chemicals / Non-Toxic
  • No Mess, No Gels, No Oils
  • No Odor or Fragrance
  • Use Anywhere and Anytime on Dry Hair
  • Reusable and Economical

Safe and Effective
Parents are becoming wary of using dangerous chemical gels, oils and toxic shampoos that poison lice, because of serious health risks! These treatments use chemicals that are harmful to living things, and may cause harm to your children. More and more parents and care givers, are choosing to kill lice the safe Robi Comb way instead.

In addition, although lice can build up a resistance to pesticides used in other lice treatments, lice cannot become resistant to the Robi Comb. The Robi Comb works when chemicals shampoos fail.

Save Money
The Robi Comb is also a very economical way to kill lice fast. Harsh chemical treatments and toxic shampoos cost between $9 - $15 a treatment. Most shampoos suggest between 2-4 treatments per out-break, per person. Compare that to 1 multi-use Robi Comb that can be used over and over, as often as you like. The Robi Comb can be stored and used repeatedly by the entire family!

Once you are lice-free, consider using LiceGuard's Head Lice Repellent Spray to prevent the transfer of lice in the future. It is also non-toxic and safe for daily use.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

We love hearing from all our satisfied Robi Comb customers! If you have a story or feedback about your experience with Robi Comb or any LiceGuard product, please Contact Us and let us know.

"I have been totally impressed with the efficiency of the Robi Comb. This is the second year I have been using it in my schools. I have removed lice so small from children's hair that the naked eye would not be able to detect. I have had children return to school with letters from their physician that they were "lice free". Upon returning to school, I will comb their hair with the Robi Comb and lo-and-behold remove very small bugs from their hair. I believe this is the real reason why many people become reinfested: to the naked eye the children are clean, but in a couple of weeks the cycle begins again. I have recommended the Robi Comb to many parents, especially my repeat cases. Thanks for the great product. "
School Nurse
Kingsland, Georgia


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"AMAZING comb!!! Used 1 week after chemical treatments & found 40+ bugs that I never would have seen! Had to use a magnifying glass to make sure they were cleaned off the comb, they were so small! FINALLY lice free at day 9 without anymore chemicals (a relief after my daughter had a reaction) - Now 1 month later & still no lice. Best purchase of the year!!!!!!! Told the school nurse, too! "
Odenton, MD

"I've put one Robi Comb in each of the 10 schools in my district and have recommended it to parents and to the Public Health Department. Robi Comb identifies a live louse and kills it and is a very useful tool for getting rid of lice in children- particularly repeaters."
Eileen McDonald, R.N., C.S.N.
Director of Health Services
School District of Superior
Superior, Wisconsin

"When I first got Robi Comb, I sent it over to our local schools, explaining that we had a non-toxic solution to the problem. They fell in love with it. Now parents are coming in to get them and we've not had one returned."
William Moyer, Pharmacist and Owner
Moyer Pharmacy
McDonough, Georgia

"With head lice being so resistant to the chemical shampoos, what do you do? Parents had told me about an "electric" comb that kills lice. Skeptical? Yes! But, a parent who had purchased one gave one to our school as a donation. We tried it during a routine re-check and we were amazed at the way it worked. It captured and killed three to four live lice that were very small and could easily have been missed with the naked eye. I'm a believer! And am planning on spreading the good news to families. With expensive shampoos, you can easily spend upwards of $150 for a family of 6. Robi Comb is safe and effective, as well as very, very affordable. Thanks!"
Elementary School Nurse
Saginaw, Michigan

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the Robi Comb. Just like all the comments on here we have been through a complete nightmare with these nasty little creatures!!! We have spent SO much money with the shampoos and combs. And spent hours upon hours washing clothes and bedding and cleaning the house from top to bottom. Not to mention all the stuffed animals and pillows sitting around in bags for weeks!!! I must say I was skeptical of the comb at first but when we got home and I did my older daughter's hair, which is short but extremely thick and got out 14 of the tiniest lice I had ever seen and most of them had been killed by the comb, the ones that weren't were ones that didn't touch the teeth but when I put them against the teeth of the comb it killed them. What a God sent!!! I will now comb both of my daughters' hair at least every other day during the school year. Thank you so much for this wonderful live saving comb!!"
Shermans Dale, PA

"The Robi Comb has been a God-send. I used lindane when my two girls came home from school with head lice. I had to use it twice as their was still at least one live bug still in the hair and I had already exceeded the recommended dosage of 4oz due to her very thick hair. They became reinfested several days later at school. I didn't want to use any more chemicals as my younger daughter has asthma. I was beside myself wondering what to do. I saw your product on the Internet and a friend said the local pharmacy sold them. I used the comb and continue to do so and so we are now "lice free" thanks to you. Thank you!"
Parent, Toledo, Ohio

"I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for this product!! Our 8 year old daughter has had several instances with head lice. We have done everything possible to get rid of them, and have had a terrible time. We have stripped her bedding on a daily basis, been advised to use a hot iron to iron her bed (which we have done), thrown away bed pillow after bed pillow. We have tried the mayonnaise treatment, the Kwell shampoo, and ALL the treatments from the store… which the lice became immune to. We had come to the conclusion that head lice were just a normal part of her everyday life. Very frustrated and concerned, we thought we would try the Robi Comb. How DELIGHTED we are!!!! The minute I stuck it in her hair the Robi Comb STOPPED!! We thought, no way, this cannot work… sure enough, there were lice on the comb. Ten total!!!! We ran the comb through her hair until it no longer stopped making the buzzing sound it makes, …and no more lice!!! We pulled the nits from her hair and use the Robi Comb daily. I have recommended it to all our friends, and will be taking it to the schools to recommend it to the public school system."
Parent, Jackson, Michigan

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