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How to Kill Lice Fast

There are only a few ways to Kill Lice Fast
If you want to be rid of head lice fast (in less than 30 minutes) and you do not want to shave off all the hair on your head, there are really only two ways to go:

  • Toxic Methods to Poison Lice
  • Non-Toxic Methods to Kill Lice
Lice Treatment
Non- Toxic
Safe for
Daily Use
Killing Shampoos NO YES NO NO NO

Toxic Methods

Toxic Shampoos - Poison Lice
The most common method for removing lice and eggs until now, has been the use of topical medications. These are usually in the form of a Toxic Shampoo, whose active ingredients are usually pesticides such as Pyrethrum or Permethrin. These chemicals are toxic and attack the louse's nervous system.

While these medications have long been considered effective, they have also been found to harm people. Using toxic lice cures can damage the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and mouth. This can occur accidentally, or through misuse. The pesticide can also be absorbed through wounds on the scalp caused by scratching, as head lice can cause itching of the scalp. In addition, goverment studies exist suggesting that these toxins may be carcinogens (cancer causing).

The chemicals in toxic lice killing products are not recommended for those concerned with exposing children to the pesticides. Doctors also strongly warn pregnant women, children with colds, people with asthma, or any other respiratory conditions not to use pesticide or toxic based solutions.

Recently, many parents and school nurses have also shared concerns that head lice are developing a resistance to pesticides. Lice treatment studies over the past 10 years have also reported treatment failures using pesticide-based products. Scientific studies have noted that if an over the counter medication containing permethrin doesn't work, then neither will a higher dose of permethrin. If you have permethrin-resistant lice, then you should use something else. This is especially true of the lice found in America.

Non-Toxic Methods

Non-Toxic Shampoos / Gels- Do Not Kill Lice

There are a variety of fine lice egg removal shampoos, synthetic lubricant gels and other lice "eliminating" shampoos on the market, however these treatments Do Not Kill Lice! They assist, in varying degrees of effectiveness, to prepare the hair for lice removal using a lice egg comb. Lice are not "eliminated" by these shampoos / slippery gels, rather they are combed out still alive.

If you are looking for a very effective lice egg removal shampoo, LiceGuard's SAFE Lice Egg Removal Shampoo has been proven to TRIPLE the amount of Eggs and Nits removed through combing.

Other hair treatments such as olive oil, petroleum jelly, mayonnaise and a variety of other natural remedies have also been reported as lice treatment methods. Many of these oily mixtures are left in the hair overnight. They may also make it easier to comb out lice, but they Do Not Kill Lice Fast- if at all.

Detect & Destroy LiceRobi Comb - Detects and Destroys Lice
Robi Comb is a Non-Toxic and Pesticide Free way to kill lice fast. This electronic lice comb detects and destroys lice on contact simply by combing it through dry hair. When the teeth of the electronic Robi Comb touches lice, they get zapped, die and then get combed out of the hair. The Robi Comb uses 1 AA battery that creates an electronic pulse that zaps lice, but does not harm people.

The Robi Comb emits a humming sound when working and stops humming when the comb finds lice. This makes Robi Comb a fast and easy way to detect lice on dry hair in a matter of seconds. If lice are found, continue combing with Robi Comb until all lice are detected and destroyed.

While lice have been reported to be building up a resistance to pesticides used in other lice treatments, lice cannot become resistant to the Robi Comb treatment. Also, unlike harsh chemical treatments, you can use Robi Comb over and over as often as you like. The comb can be stored and used repeatedly by the entire family! Because the Robi Comb treatment is not a shampoo/ gel, there is nothing to leave in your hair, no need to wear a shower cap, no odor of any kind, and it can be used no matter where you are.

The Robi Comb is also happens to be a very economical way to kill lice fast. Lice killing toxic shampoos cost between $9 - $15 a treatment. Most shampoos suggest between 2-4 treatments per out-break per person. Compare that to 1 multi-use Robi Comb that can be used over and over on multiple children!

Multi-Use Robi Comb

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